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Hi there! I am a lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, where I teach courses in sociolinguistics and general linguistics.

I earned my Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020 and my Master's in Sociolinguistics from North Carolina State University in 2015. 

My research focuses on understanding what people know about language and the people who use it, with an emphasis on phonetic and phonological variation. I do a lot of experimental work and also rely on naturalistic speech data. My work has shown that people know a lot about language and social factors, and this influences not just the way they process language, but also the way they use language themselves! I'm particularly interested in perception-production relationships, individual differences, and how our (constantly evolving) experiences shape our linguistic behaviors.

Recent News

November 18, 2022

Course accepted for LSA Summer Institute

I'm excited to announce that Andrea Beltrama and I will be co-teaching a course on "Language, Social Stereotypes, and Cognition" at the 2023 LSA Summer Institute at UMass Amherst. I hope I'll see you there!

October 14, 2022

NWAV "Project Launch" Talk

I presented my plans for my next big project on "Growing experience and changing sociolinguistic knowledge," which will look at perception, production, and social evaluations of transplants to a new dialect region. Thanks NWAV 50 for the helpful feedback!

April 8, 2022

LSA "Meet the Author" Webinar

Come meet the author (Me!) on April 8th for the LSA's "Meet the Author" webinar series. I'll be talking about my recent Language paper "Experimental evidence for expectation-driven linguistic convergence."

March 22, 2022

Paper published in Language

My paper, "Experimental Evidence for Expectation-Driven Linguistic Convergence," based on my dissertation work, is out this month in Language.

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