Recent News

Paper accepted at Language

September 13, 2021


My paper, "Experimental Evidence for Expectation-Driven Linguistic Convergence," based on my dissertation work, has just been accepted at Language.

Talks at NWAV

October 21, 2021


I'll be giving two talks at NWAV49: "A hierarchical clustering approach to continuing and reversing sound changes," with Meredith Tamminga and "The role of dialect background in expectation-driven shifts in perception and production," based on a replication of my dissertation work.

Paper accepted in Linguistics Vanguard

March 1, 2021


My paper with Wei Lai and Meredith Tamminga, "Individual differences in simultaneous perceptual compensation for coarticulatory and lexical cues," has been accepted at Linguistics Vanguard.

Paper Published in Language and Speech

August 10, 2020


My paper "The Reliability of Individual Differences in VOT Imitation" with Wei Lai and Meredith Tamminga is now out.

Paper Published in PiHPh

July 10, 2020


My paper "Perceptual Learning, Talker Specificity, and Sound Change" with Meredith Tamminga, Robert Wilder, and Wei Lai, is now out in Papers in Historical Phonology.

PostDoc in the Language Variation & Cognition Lab at Penn

July 1, 2020


I started my new position as a postdoc in Meredith Tamminga's Language Variation and Cognition Lab at Penn. We are working on understanding how multiple variants cluster together in speech production, using machine learning methods like agglomerative hierarchical clustering, as well as how variant clusters are mentally represented and linked to social meaning.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense

April 24, 2020


I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation, entitled "The Linguistic and the social intertwined: Linguistic convergence toward Southern speech"

Paper Published in Cognitive Science

April 3, 2020


My paper with Gareth Roberts, "Linguistic Convergence to Observed Versus Expected Behavior in an Alien‐Language Map Task" is now out in Cognitive Science.

LSA Talks

January 5, 2020


I presented some of my dissertation research showing that "Speakers converge toward variants they haven't heard: The case of Southern monophthongal /ay/" at the LSA annual meeting.

NWAV Talks

October 10, 2019


Wei Lai will be presenting on Tamminga, Wade & Lai: "The search for predictors of individual differences in VOT imitation." I'll be presenting a talk on my project with Gareth Roberts: "Accommodation to observed vs. expected behavior in a laboratory experiment"


June 17, 2019


I was awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for my dissertation, "Linguistic Accommodation to Southern Speech"

SBSI Brown Bag Talk

April 11, 2019


I will be giving a brownbag talk, "Speakers converge to linguistic variants they don’t hear: The case of the Southern /ay/ vowel," for the UPenn Social and Behavioral Sciences Initiative.

Dissertation Proposal Defense

December 18, 2018


I successfully defended the proposal for my dissertation, "Linguistic Accommodation to Southern Speech"

SBSI Small Grant Award

November 26, 2018


I was awarded a grant for my project on convergence to southern speech, from the UPenn Social and Behavioral Sciences Initiative.

PWPL Volume 24.2 Published

October 12, 2018


My Co-Editor Jordan Kodner and I are happy to announce that Penn Working Papers in Linguistics: Selected Papers from NWAV 46 has been published.