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I'm originally from the Youngstown, OH area where I...

My partner and I happened to grow up 10 minutes away from each other but have different patterns regarding which vowels we merge before /l/. Read more about these different patterns in Wade (2017)!

I have two kids:

Oliver (3;3), who like his Midwestern parents, proudly says things like "ope" and "I need picked up," and who unlike his parents currently has the following grammatical rule for word-initial /s/ +[labial stop] clusters -> [f]

Arthur (0;8), who speaks mostly in alveolar stops.

I did my master's in Linguistics with Erik Thomas, Walt Wolfram, Robin Dodsworth, and Jeff Mielke at North Carolina State University, where I was also taught our undergraduate "Academic Writing and Research" classes. 

I finished my Ph.D. at Penn...


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